Welcome to Avocado Barrel.

My name is Lois Jurasek.  I am a mom to 3 young children and a happy wife to an incredible man.  

I started this site because I’m passionate about living a toxic-free lifestyle as much as possible.  

When I became a first time mom in 2006 I started to become aware of what is in my foods and everyday products that I use.  I started to do a lot of reading and began to understand that unfortunately we are not protected by our government healthwise.  Most of the products we buy and consume or use are not regulated to ensure safety.  

A plastic toy that is made in China with who knows what kind of toxic materials is packaged and shipped to the USA, it’s then put on trains or in trucks and transported to the store where it is placed on the shelves for us to buy. It then ends up in the mouths of our babies.  

While there may be some safety laws put in place by our government, the policing of the actual laws is questionable.  That is why we unfortunately hear about recalls of these products after the fact.  After they’ve already been open and/or consumed by us.

Our food system is greatly flawed also.  Chemically altered substances and additives that have not been tested for safety are being added to most of the food sold in the grocery stores and being passed off as “healthy”.  It’s really a bad situation. 

So making healthy wise choices for me and my growing family became a mission of mine.  

Throughout the years I have learned quite a bit about which foods are the safest to eat, and which personal care products and home products are the safest for us.

Hopefully, I can spread a little awareness to others.


Mommy to 3, happy wife of a Firefighter, enjoys fitness primarily lifting weights and CrossFit, loves to cook and nutrition, good wine, loves family time and girls nights out, internet marketer, offline marketer, blogger, entrepreneur.

My family

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