Guest Bathroom Pampering Station

I recently hosted a bunco night for my bunco group and decided to put more amenities in my guest bathroom since I would be having a lot of ladies over.

 I wanted to make them feel pampered so I created this little pampering station.


It included a little sign that said: “Please feel free to pamper yourself.”

Then I placed various items I thought may help my guests feel refreshed and pampered.

I wrapped a pretty little ribbon around shot glasses and hot glued on small labels.  In the shot glasses I placed nail files, Tums, mint gum and flossers.

I found these cute little Oil blotting tissues on Amazon.  And I got the “Help I have a headache” pain reliever from my local Walgreens. You can also find it here.

They also have a cute little pack called “Help I can’t sleep” if you happen to have overnight guests.

Fun items to include in a pampering station:

Specialty or high end lotions

Specialty soaps

Oil blotting tissues

Pain reliever


Nail files



Spray deoderant

Air freshener

Wine wipes



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