Toxin-Free Mineral Foundation

I have been a BareMinerals foundation user for years. In my ignorance I had fallen for their marketing and believed that is was pure and natural and nothing in it could be harmful.

Something they said in their infommercial has stuck in my head ever since I heard it years ago. “So pure you can  sleep in it”.

That was a selling point for me because when it comes to bedtime, I’m pretty lazy with my facewashing.

I’m usually so exhausted after a day with my kids that teeth brushing is all you can get out of me.

I was dissapointed when I looked my BareMineral foundation up on EWG’s Skin Deep database and found out they are rated a 7 out of 10 with 10 being the worst score. 

Why was this so bad?  Well the HIGH hazard concern was that is contained ingredients that were shown to cause cancer, other MODERATE concerns were organ system toxicity. 

So I went on the hunt for a new foundation and after trying a few I found Elegant Minerals which was voted in the top 3 Mineral Foundations in the World by Martha Stewart Living Radio. They have an excellent rating of 2 on the EWG Skin Deep Database.

The best part is (I almost choked when I discovered this) is that Elegant Minerals is less than HALF the price of BareMinerals.  I was sold automatically!  8.5 grams of BareMineral foundation is a whopping $27 as opposed to 10 grams of Elegant Minerals at $9.50.

And they have a crazy BOGO deal if you order a 30 gram foundation you’ll get a second shade free, it can be the same shade or a different shade.  That works out to about $3 for 8.5 grams as opposed to BareMinerals $27 for 8.5grams.  INSANE!

I’ve been using is for about a month now and absolutely love it!  And I’m not getting paid by this company to say that.  I REALLY love this stuff!

They also sell samples for just a $1.00 a piece so you can affordably test out their shades to make sure you get one that its you best.

Elegant Mineral products are free of harmful ingredients. They do not contain any of the following:

– No micronized minerals/nano-particles

– No coated minerals

– No preservatives

– No talc

– No Bismuth Oxychloride(known for causing skin to become itchy, breakout, turn or turn red)

– No Synthetic dyes

– No parabens

– No carmine

– No fragrances

– No PetroChemicals

– Cruelty Free – No Animal Testing

– Non-comedogenic -Will not clog pores

– Not too shiny/sparkly. Our mineral foundations are considered near matte.

(UPDATE: I just checked again and now BareMinerals foundation is rated a 2. Apparently they’ve change their formulation. That’s awesome! But Elegant Minerals is still way cheaper and works just as good if not better.)


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